No. 9 Networking is for businesses that believe there is value in knowing an individual and their business ethics which instills confidence thus creating an ultimate attitude of integrity in business relationships producing growth through referrals.

Cost for all 4 locations: $240/yr or $20/month

PLEASE NOTE: You can got to all 4 groups for the same price!


Wentzville Weekly

Day: Every Tuesday

Time: 9:00am / Runs 60-90 minutes

Location: 909 Public House

Chesterfield Weekly

Day: Every Wednesday

Time: 9am / Runs 60-90 minutes

Location: Epic Empowerment Academy

Sunset Hills Weekly

Day: Every Thursday

Time: Noon / Runs 60-90 minutes

Location: Bandanas BBQ

O’Fallon Weekly

Day: Every Friday

Time: 9am / Runs 90 minutes

Location: Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar


What you get:

  • Open to all industries (not exclusive)
  • Share Member profiles via email and on mobile via text.
  • Email directly from site to members
  • 1-minute explainer video ($149 value)
  • Promote your events directly on the website
  • Invite people you know directly from the website.
  • No. 9 Networking t-shirt
  • Meeting text alerts
Other Information

Visitors: We welcome visitors to visit 2 times before joining.

Multiple Industries: These groups are not industry specific. More than 1 business can be represented.

To join, fill out the membership application.

Elevator Pitch: Be prepared stand up and give your business elevator pitch directly after the member/visitor who goes before you.

Guest Speakers: A business of the group will be highlighted or a special speaker will give important information on a topic.

I Have(s): We each get 15 seconds to share one to ones, referrals given and received or testimonies.